Hey, Mama! You’re Worth It!

Hey Mama,

As I head into my second trimester, I have been thinking a lot about the demands of motherhood.  Maybe it’s because I am still so tired or because my two-year-old still gets up in the night, “just because.” (In case you ever wondered, a twin bed is not a comfortable place for a pregnant woman and a two year old to sleep together, despite the princess bedspread…) 

So as my belly gets bigger, my kids grow taller, and my free time gets more sparse, I can’t help but think about all of the reasons why I need to continue working out.  Sure, there are the practical reasons: improved energy, stabilized hormones, weight control, improved heart function and circulation, increased strength, etc…

10409442_10202201618391162_3911982619898385554_nBut then there are my reasons.  Reasons I have found that I share with so many other women and moms.  Working in the fitness industry, I get to “talk shop” with other coaches and clients.  It turns out all of us get tired of being tired.  We all want to keep up with our kids, to feel good, and to be proud of what we have built deep within ourselves, beyond the muscles and the abs, beyond the squat numbers, way beyond, deeper than all of that.  We want to be proud of what we are doing for ourselves and our families.

It seems to be a paradox to add more to your plate when you are already spread thin, but the truth is that it is worth it.  The energy I gain from a 40 minute workout (though many women and coaches keep it to 30 minutes!) seems to add more hours to a day that feels too short.  Plus, “when mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.”  We all know it.  As moms, wives, or girlfriends, we tend the set the tone for our households.  It’s a big responsibility, but the good news is that something as simple as a great workout can set everyone up for a good day.  This could be one of the reasons (besides the obvious logistics) that so many of us prefer to workout first thing in the morning!

Working with this team of coaches has shown me that I am not alone. DSCF4190 That not only is it OK to take some “me time” out of my day to do a quick workout at home, it is beneficial to my family and I.  Sometimes, it’s tough to find the time or energy, but none of us have ever regretted doing a workout.  Ever.  It’s the ones we miss that make us feel quite miserable! 

How do you do it?  Start by getting the support of a coach or a team to help motivate you, hold you accountable to taking this time for yourself, and educate you on how to best use this time to become healthier and happier.  Once you have some people on your side, make the choice to make this change and follow through with it.  Take 100% responsibility to learn and take action for your energy, fitness, and confidence.  This may mean less time on Pinterest and Netflix, but you and your family will be more grateful for a healthy mama than another DIY Pinterest Fail or one more episode of Orange is the New Black.  I promise.

Join me in committing to this change.  It won’t be easy for me as my belly gets bigger and my energy gets lower, and I know that it won’t be easy for you either.  But it will be worth it.  Your health is worth it.  Your energy is worth it.  Your family is worth it.  You are worth it.

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