A Workout Playlist for the Whole Family

    img_7408We took the kids to the movies this weekend to see Trolls, and let me just say it was awesome.  But even more, the soundtrack sucked me in. Who could resist the sounds of JT, Gwen Stefani, Zoe Deschanel, and Anna Kendrick?  I love them all.  Like, for real.  Love.
I immediately bought the album on iTunes and the kids (and I) have been jamming to it ever since. Finally, kids music I can get into! (I mean “Let it Go” was great and all, but enough already!) 
Anyway, it got me thinking about other soundtracks the kids love that don’t drive me nuts.
So I sat down aimg_7409nd came up with a playlist that I can lift to when the kids are “working out” with me that we can all agree on.
Check it out:
Zootopia – Try Everything by Shakira
Trolls – Hair Up by JT, Gwen Stefani, & Ron Fuches
Big Hero 6 – Immortals by Fall Out Boy
Home – Red Balloon by Charli XCX
Trolls – Whatcha Working With by Gwen Stefani
Cars 2 – You Might Think by Weezer
Lego Movie – Everything is Awesome (remix) by Soundtrack All Stars
Angry Birds – Explode by Charli XCX
Flushed Away – Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol
Trolls- Can’t Stop the Feeling by JT
Cars- Life is a Highway by Rascall Flats
Any more I should add to the list?  Feel free to make this playlist and enjoy!!!
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