What Should I Eat?

“What should I eat?”

I get this question a lot.  So many women want to start eating well and have no idea where to begin.  I don’t blame them.  Getting started can be overwhelming and downright daunting.  So here is a super simple way to get started quickly and easily:

Start in the grocery store.

It all begins with what you have to choose from.  If you have healthy options in the fridge and a cabinet full of healthy choices, then it is so much easier to eat well.  Once you have stocked the kitchen with good-for-you choices, then you can mix and match them in anyway possible.  Most of us ladies who are working together in our Facebook group choose to refer to Pinterest where we have a group board full of healthy recipes.  But before you can start pinning, it all starts in the grocery store.  And, there is some degree of truth when you hear, “Stay around the outside of the grocery store.”  It’s mostly true.  That’s where the good stuff is. But, let’s get more specific here.

So what should you buy?  The options are endless, but here is a list of my favorite items:
(Want to download a copy to print and go? No problem!  Get it here.)

Produce SectionGreens for saladCucumberTomatoesSweet peppersCarrotsCeleryKaleSweet PotatoesBananasApplesClementinesGrapes

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