Racheal #2

Since about the age of 16 I have always been on some kind of fad diet or nutrition plan. I have struggled with an eating disorder that has manifested itself in different ways for just as long. In more recent years I have tried to repair this unhealthy relationship with food but it has been difficult. Any time I would “cheat” on “my diet” I would make myself pay for it physically, mentally, or both!!  Food became associated with failure. Then came Mandy, macros, and flexible dieting!!!!  Mandy has shown me that a diet does not have to be self-persecution!! With a little bit of planning you can have those cheat meals with friends and family and not feel deprived, or in my case, deal with the anger of failure.11855889_1026200170737066_2980432939382977868_n In just 10 weeks I have lost over 15 pounds, maintained muscle, and most importantly been able to put my eating disorders behind me.  Mandy set up workout plans that I culd adapt for home or for the gym. She set my macro goals for me and then reset them as I lost weight. She gave plenty of food suggestions and recipes to help me meet food requirements so that I could enjoy my “freedom meals” without any physical or mental repercussions!! If I had ever thought that having a coach could make this much difference I would have done it along time ago!!!! My advice to anyone reading this don’t try and do it by yourself any longer let Mandy help you!!!!!!! You will be very glad you did!