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FullSizeRender“I approached Mandy about her 10 week shred after I saw her post about it on Facebook.   I was interested in a program like this because I am a mom of three and I was finding it hard to lose the extra weight I had gained after my third pregnancy. I wanted a healthier lifestyle, but had no idea where to start. Mandy helped by sending me an exercise plan, personalizing my nutritional goals, and creating a space to ask questions/share experiences with others in the program, and privately with her. With two weeks left in the program, I have experienced dramatic changes; besides weight loss, I’ve lost inches in places I needed it the most (2 inches on my waist, 2 inches on my thighs, and 1.5 inches on my hips).   The thing I liked the most about this program is the positive change it has had on me and my family.   We are all eating healthier.  We pay attention to portion sizes, water consumption, and macros. My kids are seeing a more active and fit mom and dad and they themselves are joining in by running, doing sit ups, trying burpees…it’s amazing!  I would recommend this program to anyone that is ready to challenge themselves and make a positive, healthy change in their life.” – R


“Since about the age of 16 I have always been on some kind of fad diet or nutrition plan. I have struggled with an eating disorder that has manifested itself in different ways for just as long. In more recent years I have tried to repair this unhealthy relationship with food but it has been difficult. Any time I would “cheat” on “my diet” I would make myself pay for it physically, mentally, or both!!  Food became associated with failure. Then came Mandy, macros, and flexible dieting!!!!  Mandy has shown me that a diet does not have to be self-persecution!! With a little bit of planning you can have those cheat meals with friends and family and not feel deprived, or in my case, deal with the anger of 11855889_1026200170737066_2980432939382977868_nfailure.  In just 10 weeks I have lost over 15 pounds, maintained muscle, and most importantly been able to put my eating disorders behind me.  Mandy set up workout plans that I culd adapt for home or for the gym. She set my macro goals for me and then reset them as I lost weight. She gave plenty of food suggestions and recipes to help me meet food requirements so that I could enjoy my “freedom meals” without any physical or mental repercussions!! If I had ever thought that having a coach could make this much difference I would have done it along time ago!!!! My advice to anyone reading this don’t try and do it by yourself any longer let Mandy help you!!!!!!! You will be very glad you did!” -R



Julie's Post Baby Body!

Julie’s Post Baby Body!

“I had just had my fourth baby in six years where i had gained the most weight i had ever had this pregnancy. I was at the gym when I decided I wanted to see if I’d lost all my baby weight yet because I had been going to the gym for a month and a half and eating what I thought was healthy. To my complete disappointment, I was still 15 pounds away from my pre-baby weight after I thought I has been doing a good job on my own. In my frustration, I reached out to Mandy Skinner because I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Mandy first had me take pictures of myself to keep track of my progress and those were incredibly eye opening. She then had me track my food intake to see what I was doing on my own. I was Shocked! I didn’t realized how much of certain foods I was eating way out of proportion. I thought I was eating healthy. I am now three months into working with Mandy and I have lost those 15 pounds! As well as 2.5 inches off both my waist and butt, 3 inches off both my hips and belly button circumferences! I couldn’t be more happy! I feel great about myself again and I have never been hungry. I have lost weight the healthy way and I will be able to maintain long term. Not only that, I’ve also continued to make gains in the gym including a 20 pound increase in my deadlift of 250 to 270 pounds. I haven’t lost any of my strength in the process of becoming smaller. What I loved about working with Mandy is that I could pick out my own foods. I get very overwhelmed with recipes and foods that require all these specialty ingredients that I don’t have time to shop for and my kids won’t eat. I was able to eat what I wanted as long as they fit into the perimeters of the nutrition plan she wrote out for me. There we days/ weeks that I didn’t follow, like all of my kids birthdays and two major holidays, but Mandy was incredibly encouraging. She never let me feel down about myself or that I ruined my plan. She always kept my on task and focused on the future and how we can plan for days that we know will be harder to stay according to the plan. I never once felt like a disappointment. She has been incredibly helpful in keeping me accountable and following through. I am excited to see where where she takes me and my body next as I continue this journey of being healthy, strong wife and mother of 4!”

Julie lost 16 pounds in 3 months while enjoying all of the food she loves to share with her children.  It was important to her to be able to enjoy treats on Sundays after church, as well as be able to enjoy meals with her children, so we built all of that into her individualized nutrition plan.  She has had great success without depriving herself!


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