My Superhero Alter Ego

My Superhero Alter Ego
Sean is four now, so we spend a lot of time talking about Super Heroes, playing games with them, dressing up and pretending to get the “bad guys”.  It’s a fun age.  I am really enjoying it.

IMG_1473As I watch him transform into Captain America or The Hulk simply by putting on a mask, it has me thinking about my alter ego and my Super Hero identity.  The truth is, when I’m in the gym, I am nothing more than what I am at that moment- strong, determined, focused, and steadfast.  I am not worried about being a perfect mom, or a doting wife; I am not concerned about picking the perfect preschool, or locating tiny dance tights in a mound of clean laundry that I have yet to fold (again!)  All of the worries and issues that I think about the other 23 hours a day are gone for that brief, beautiful moment.

Listen, I love being a mom and a wife; it is the most important thing I have ever done and I wouldn’t trade499534ae2b243aa248afcee3a5ca7728 a moment of it.  But sometimes its fun to play pretend.  To dress up in my superhero leggings, tie on my superhero headband, and get down to my superhero work in the gym is really just fun.  It’s fun to perceive myself as super string, or super fast, or super pretzel-like in my Yoga poses.  In the gym, I become something else.  For a brief moment in time, I am stripped of my alter ego and I can do anything.  I can lift, I can run, I can row.  I can jump, I can pull, I can push.  Nothing can stop me from taking on the challenge in front of me.  A challenge that may not mean much to anyone else, or even be a true challenge to some, but to me its mine.  This is my time to do something super.  To be my own superhero.

Do you ever feel like you have superpowers after an awesome workout?  Like you can fight crime and deliver justice to the bad guys because you just pushed through a sweaty cardio sesh?  What’s your superhero identity?Want more inspiring posts?  Submit your email below and you will get them right to your inbox as well as a list of my favorite motivational quotes for FREE!



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