Summer Love in May!


So, it’s been a while since I have written here.  But don’t worry it’s for good reason.  The weather has changed which means that we have been spending more and more time outside.  We have been to the park, to the zoo, hiking, biking, played in the sprinkler, and out forDSCF6550 ice cream already. 🙂 I am in full Summer mode even though it’s only mid-May.  I don’t even care, I love the outdoors, and my kids do too.

In addition to our daily play, I have been moving my dumbbells, rower, and other gym toys out onto the driveway, or at least opening up the garage door if I can’t, for my workouts.  I love it.  The fresh air, sweat, and sunshine on my skin have totally revamped my workouts and boosted my mood.

DSCF6286If you follow me on Facebook (if you don’t, go ahead!), then you know that I have set out to make this Summer the best Summer ever.  No we are not going on a special trip or anything, but for some reason I’m just really buzzing about it.  Maybe it’s because next school year Sean is headed to Kindergarten and Sarah is headed to Preschool, or maybe it’s because we have a baby on the way.  Maybe it’s because I just really love Summer and love a fun challenge!  Either way, I figure we are going to have some fun. 🙂

So as a mama, my goal this Summer is to enjoy these little field trips, IMG_1815sit in the sun, read good books, go swimming with my little fish, and share picnics with them on the grass.  But, as an athlete, my goal is enjoy my workouts, have fun when I lift and sweat, and take more of my workouts outside, all while eating healthy, local foods that are fresh and delicious (that we picked ourselves!) with the occasional treat (did I mention that it’s ice cream season?)  I mean honestly, doesn’t this sound amazing?  How could I not be a happy, healthy mama with goals like this?

So, what are you planning to do this Summer to make it great?IMG_1641  Do you have a plan to be the happiest and healthiest you can?  Want a challenge? It’s going to be a lot fun…

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