Having a hard time sticking to your exercise regimen? Here are 3 Reasons Why.

3 Reasons You Quit on Your Goals

How many times have you said this:

“I’ve got to get back to the gym.”

“I need to start doing something for myself again.”

“I used to feel so good after my workouts…”

“I just don’t feel like working out anymore.”

“I don’t want to and you can’t make me!”

OK, that last one was a bit much, but you get the idea.  So often we set out to accomplish our goal of losing weight or getting stronger or running that race in the Spring only quit before we actually get there.  Ever wonder why that keeps happening?  Better yet, ever wonder how you can stop that cycle?  Here are your answers.

Reason #1Accountability
Without someone or something to hold you to it, there are too many ways to cop out.  Any number of excuses, too tired, too sore, too hungry, too bored, whatever, are simple gateways for you to talk yourself out of doing what you know needs to be done.  The solution is to work with a partner or a group.  Enlist someone you know to help hold you accountable.  Text them after your workout or if you need some encouragement.  Even better?  Join a group.  I am part of an awesome group of chics who motivate, inspire, and support each other every single day.  And I swear, on the days I am looking for a reason to cop out or give up, I think of them; knowing that they are putting the work in.  (Want in?  Click here.)

Reason #2 Belief
There are two things at play here when it comes to truly believing.  One is believing in yourself. So do yourself a favor and stop doubting.  Now.  No seriously, knock it off.  There are few things on this planet that can stop a woman who believes in herself enough to go for it.  So start believing and you will be shocked at what you accomplish.  Believe in yourself starting right this minute. And the second is to believe in what you are doing.  Know that the program you are following is designed for your specific goals.  If it is not, find one that is.  Looking for a program that fits your goals?  Shoot me an email and I can point you in the right direction: soccermomwithmuscles@gmail.com.

Reason #3Too Much Too Soon

I see this way too often.  You set your goal and you hit the ground running, hard.  Too hard.  You’re ready and here’s your plan:  a new nutritional approach, run 50 miles a week, implement a new supplement stack, cut sugar, go Paleo, start Hot Yoga, give up chocolate, do squats three times a week, log every single thing that comes near your mouth… you get it.  Too much.  Before you know it, you are overwhelmed, frustrated, and burnt out, plus you don’t know where the problem lays with all of these variables.  You are trying to do too much too soon.  So here’s your new plan.  Choose one or two things to focus on right now.  How about this?  Workout three times a week and eat vegetables at 2 meals a day.  Doable?  Whatever your priorities are, focus on that.  Once you get familiarized with these changes then add something else, or not if what you are doing is working.  (I’m a huge fan of, “if its not broke, don’t fix it.”  If  what you are doing is getting you closer to your goal, then keep doing it.  Groundbreaking, I know.)

So, start one more time.  This time do it right.  Set your goals, find a structured, progressive program that fits your goals, believe in yourself, and starting working on it one day and one piece at a time.  Did I mention that you have to believe in yourself?  Good.  🙂

3 Reasons You Quit on Your Goals

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