Your Shape… Own It.

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I had the privledge of being in the middle of a really interesting interaction with a Bikini Competitor, a Powerlifter, and a Figure Competitor about body shapes the other day.  It was crazy because all three of us work our tails off in the gym to reach our goals.  Despite our varied goals and builds, we all lift heavy, sweat hard, and eat well to achieve our respected physiques.  You know what else we had in common?  We had all been accused of being “too much” of something at some time: too big, too small, too curvy, too boxy, too lean, too thick, too much of something.  Yeah, silly, right?  But don’t worry, the coolest part was that we all basically had the same attitude about it, and it was this,  “I would rather be a strong chic than worry about it… Pass me the peanut butter.”

Anyway, it got me thinking about “shapes.”  What defines a body shape?  We have all heard the words Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph thrown around.  And for competitive athletes, these concepts, and things like bone structure, muscle density, appendage length, and stature can make or break you.  But for the rest of us, I am thinking more simply.

So what to do?  What to do?  Well, Google of course!!  And I wasn’t disappointed; I found some pretty silly stuff there.images-3

Like this little gem.  Your welcome.
(Is that chic NonGMO???  Can I be the banana?  I really, really like bananas.)

You know what struck me the most about these ridiculous images?  They are faceless.  These are not people.  They do not love, smile, hug, eat, sleep, or feel.  They can’t give us anything.

Thankfully I came across these awesome photos of professional athletes by Howard Schatz (Source:  I literally did a fist pump in the air and said “Yes!” out loud.  Look at these women.  They are all different “shapes” and you know what?  They own it.  Do these chics look like they care about being too big, small, curvy, boxy, tall, short, blah, blah, blah… Not a chance.  Like seriously, just take a minute to bask in this awesome-ness…
different-body-types-olympic-athletes-howard-schatz-2 different-body-types-olympic-athletes-howard-schatz-1
So here is what I say, don”t feel like you are too boxy or lean or curvy or thick or tall or short or imperfect or whatever.  Find things to love about your body and rock it!  Find ways to develop your body, nurture it, and make it healthy.  Don’t minimize yourself to a type, or a shape, or a freakin’ fruit.  Whatever your build is, enjoy it, love it, and treat it right.  Lift heavy things, sweat, eat well, and love your life.  And for God’s sake, don’t ever let anyone make you feel like your body is too much or too little of something!  Become who you want to be and own it.

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