Nutritional Balance

I had a really interesting conversation last night with Chris D., Rachael M., Jen V., and Kat about nutrition.  It started because I was complaining (again) that I am behind on my prep because I’m having a hard time with my diet.  It started something like this, “Quest bars are the devil…”  I can’t remember the exact semantics, but it was along those lines.  Then, we proceeded to list all of the foods that we love that we feel are wrecking our progress in the gym.  It included chocolate, wine, pizza, and the like.  You get it.  I have to stop because I’m drooling on my keyboard… 1342060005126_4328123

Anyway, after much discussion we came around to the fact that it is not these foods alone that are sabotaging our goals, it is how we approach them.  A quest bar (warm out of the microwave <— yeah, you can thank Rachael for that little tip) will not ruin your abs.  However 3 of them… before 10 am… (don’t judge me) will definitely have negative consequences.  But this is what happens when you fully deprive yourself, right?  You”re doing great eating your green beans and tuna and then, “BAM!” you come to in a pile of protein bar wrappers.  What happened?

The truth is, will power only goes so far.  It’s like a muscle, if you push it, then it will get stronger.  But, if you push it too hard, it’s going to break down.  So, what’s the answer?  I have no will power, so I might as well order a pizza (pretzel crust, please!).  Umm, no.
The answer is BALANCE.  Find a balance that works well for you both physically and mentally.  Most of your diet should consist of lean meats and vegetables, with a few “treats” thrown in.  Some people call it the 80/20 rule.  It’s that 20% or less that keeps you from jumping off the proverbial wagon.  Whatever your percentage is, find it.  Find balance.  And there you will find health, happiness, and the aesthetic changes that you are looking for.


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