There was a time not so long ago that I said, “I’m a Bodybuilder”  or before that, “I’m a CrossFitter” or even before that, “I’m a Runner.”  I knew what I was and what I wanted to be.  I had a name, a title, and a role in the world of fitness.   And I felt completely “hard core.” (I really wasn’t, but nobody told me that!)

Lately it hasn’t been so clear.  Some days I lift heavy and sometimes I lace up my running shoes and take off.  Some workouts I hit in the gym and some I do by pushing play in my living room.  Some days I eat Paleo-ish and some days it’s not nearly as pretty.  The need to have a label, or a role, or a niche has kind of left me.  These days I just want to feel good, sweat, and pick up heavy things while I eat colorful, healthy meals; sometimes all at once and sometimes in isolation.

team-771474_1280Does this detachment make me less “hard core”?  Perhaps.  I don’t know and I don’t really care.    Putting a little spontaneity and a lot of adventure into my fitness journey may have made it less focused, but it has also made it so much more FUN.

Sure there comes a time to buckle down and focus, like when prepping for a competition or meet (been there, done that!), but there is also a time that jamming out in your living room to Lady Gaga while hitting an HIIT vid , or following a series of Yoga poses on your purple mat, or hitting arm/back day with your old, tattered dumbbells again is ok, simply because its fun and makes you feel good.  For me, right now is that time.

I think too many people get caught up in “being” something – “I’m a CrossFitter.”  “I’m a Powerlifter.”  “I’m a Runner.”  “I’m a Mountain Climber.”  “I’m a Spartan.”  Whatever it may be.  And that’s cool if that makes you happy, but it’s also OK to take the pieces of those things that you make you happy, do them, and simply be you.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be a powerlifter, or a triathlete, or a cyclist, or whatever, what I am saying is that it’s ok to do other things, try new approaches, and mix it up without losing yourself.  You are not limited by a label, or a program, or your past experiences; you are only limited in your willingness to try new things.

apple-1051018_1920Do you need a title?  Do you need to be “hard core”?  I argue that most of us do not.  I believe that for most of us, if you move your body, fuel it with the proper foods, and love it, then that’s enough.  It may not be “hard core” but that’s A-OK with me.  (For now!)

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