Chics with Moxie: Hannah Hosey

Last week I told you all about my Not-So-New-Years-Resolution image2to be more resolute.  To attack my goals for life, fitness, and parenting in a bold, strong, and steadfast way.  On my journey to learn from more strong, badass chics, I found this photo (awesome, right?) and the woman behind it, Hannah Hosey.  Founder of High Spirits Clothing and creator of the High Spirits in the Buff Fundraiser Calendar that benefits the Buffalo Centre for Eating Disorders, Hannah definitely rocks some moxie! (Wondering what moxie is?  Read more about it here.)

image3.JPGHannah started High Spirits Clothing after she began her own journey to healthier living. Over the course of a year she lost 60 pounds.  She was ecstatic, but frustrated because she couldn’t afford to keep buying new clothing to keep up with her changing body.  So, she simply started making her own.  After feeling confident in what she was making, Hannah decided to share her vision with the world – affordable activewear to make all shapes and sizes feel confident.  And that is how High Spirits was born.  They now run an awesome Etsy shop filled with fun, affordable workout gear (including these Mommy and Me Yoga pants!).  This Etsy shop…

“…encompasses an entire way of living with positivity, passion, and pleasure… We don’t just want you to wear our clothes, we want you to be happy and proud of your life and what you do with it. We want to inspire and promote positivity and spread as much love as possible. We believe that everyone holds the power to positively influence others and we want to help channel that.”


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  • Hi Mandy, this is such a great post! Hannah is amazing! I love that she started her own line of clothing and how she transformed her life and inspires others to do the same!

      2 years ago

      Thank you! Wait until you meet the ladies in the next few posts! They are all amazing!

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