7 Super Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

Memorial Day weekend is upon us!  That means the start of Summer, (although I have been in Summer mode for weeks!)  One thing I love about Summer is that there are so many ways to stay active and healthy, and most of them are pretty darn fun!  What are my favorite ways to stay fit in the Summer months?



Hike.  There are a ton of places to hike or walk for free in your community.  A quick google search will show you.  We started hiking with the kids a few years ago and it has become a healthy habit that we all look forward to!




Swim (or wakeboard or tube or ski or run through the sprinkler!) It’s no secret that water sports burn a ton of calories.  But, who really thinks about that when you are having so much stinkin’ fun???




Bike.  Don’t have one?  Check Craig’s List or garage sales.  I got one last year for $20!  It’s really enjoyable and low impact way to stay active!





Participate in a Race.  Whether you walk or run, it will get moving and motivated! Do it with friends for even more fun! you







Go Berry Picking.  Not only will you get a delicious, healthy treat, but you will also put some serious steps on your FitBit!





Drink Infused Water.  It is vital to stay hydrated during the heat of the Summer months.  But it doesn’t have to lack in flavor, right?  Use some of those berries to give your water a kick!



Stop and Smell the Roses (or tulips???)  Although this is not a “fit tip” so to speak, it does speak to your health.  It’s too easy to get crazy busy and let the Summer slip through your fingers.  Slow down, relax, enjoy yourself, and appreciate the beauty and simplicity around you.  Find time to be grateful and present; that’s just as important to healthy living as fitness and diet!


These are just a few of out favorite ways to stay healthy and happy during the Summer.  What will you be doing to stay active???

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