Eat Healthy for CHEAP at Aldi

Healthy Foods to Buy for CHEAP at Aldi

Eating well can be expensive, there is no doubt about that.  There was a time that our grocery bill was more than our mortgage!  Not because it had to be, but because I was going about it all wrong.  I needed to figure it out quick, so I set about finding as many strategies as possible to feed a family a healthy diet on a budget.  There are so many ways to save money on this.  I have talked about many of them at length before, but one way that has been a game changer for me is shopping at Aldi.  This is how I cut our grocery bill by 40% in one month without sacrificing quality, health benefits, or taste.  And guess what?  Aldi just revealed that they are introducing organic produce into their stores in the coming months!

IMG_3694OK, so case in point, avocados.  At the other stores I have shopped at, they can cost as much as $2 EACH.  At Aldi they compare at only $.89 a piece.  That is more than a 50% price cut.

You will find similar savings on eggs, milk, greek yogurt, 1% cottage cheese, hummus, applesauce, rice, veggies, fruits, and canned goods.


If you have been reading this blog at all, then you knowIMG_3663 that I love peanut butter.  And the only people who love it more than me is my kids, so needless to say we go through a lot of it.  Here you can buy all natural peanut butter for about half of what you would spend elsewhere.  So now there is no need to buy the stuff that is loaded with HFCS or sugar or additives. This is cheap and delish!

Any of my clients will tell you that I am a huge believer in the power of oatmeal and flax seeds as superfoods.  Honestly, you can not beat the prices here.  I highly suggest adding these to your breakfast menu this week!









What about dinner?  I am really into quinoa right now.  IMG_3703You can find it for 50% less at Aldi, so stock up, precook it, and have it ready for when you are hungry!  Add some of their lean ground turkey and tomatoes and you are good to go!  These are just a few of the healthy eats that I love to save money on at Aldi.  What are your tips to eat well on a budget?

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