Chics with Moxie: Andrea, founder & #ladyboss of Thick to Thin Apparel


In my final installment of the Chics with Moxie series (read the rest here, here, here, and here), I so, so, so excited to bring you Andrea.   After writing Your Shape: Own It, I knew not only did I want to introduce you to Andrea, I had to.   Though, she needs no introduction because if you have ever worn a tank top to lift something heavy, then this woman has probably already touched your life.

Andrea Kuchinski is the very definition of #ladyboss with her awesome apparel company Thick to Thin.  She is a CrossFitter who boasts a #185 Clean and Jerk.  She is also a competitor, and loves that CrossFit allows people of all abilities to work and compete side by side in one fan-freaking-tastic community.  (One of the main reasons I love CrossFit too!)

The name, Thick to Thin, in and of itself describes the very core of this company, embracing women of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, abilities, and ambitions, a parallel values to the CrossFit community. In fact, Thick to Thin can only be described as  inspiring, motivating, all-inclusive, badass and REAL.  She says their mission is,


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