I’m Calling You Out



Have you ever said any of these phrases?

“If only I could lose 10 pounds (or more!)”

“I want to feel sexy again.”

“I have no time to exercise.”

“I can’t afford to exercise.”

“Weight loss is impossible.”

“I can’t lose weight, I have a slow metabolism.”

“I can’t eat healthy, it’s all so gross.”

If you answered yes to any of that, then this post is for you.

I’m calling you out.

Yep.  #sorryimnotsorry

 Listen up, this is important.  Weight loss, diet, and exercise do not have to be expensive, time consuming, hard, complicated, or agonizing.  (Sure, it can be,  but why make it harder than it needs to be?)

Seriously, lets look at how simple this can be.  Your first step is head to the grocery store and stock up on healthy foods.  The money you normally spend on stuff like cereal, crackers, cookies, pretzels, soda, and treats; use it to buy some veggies, fruits, lean meats, low fat dairy, and whole grains.

Your second step is to start moving.  You don’t have to have an expensive gym membership to get a good workout in.  In fact, I love programs specializing in home workouts; they are inexpensive and accessible therefore botching any excuses you may have about going to the gym, paying for a trainer, whatever.  There are literally dozens of simple, effective moves you can do in your living room with no equipment that work amazing at building muscle, burning fat, and reshaping the body.  And you know what else?  You can do it in as little as 20 minutes.  Yeah, seriously.  In fact, I did a series, #MotivationMonday, where I offered a ton of 20 minute workouts here, here, here, and here that you can do in yourimages-1 living room.
So, that’s it.  No, really.  The two biggest steps you can take to lose weight are eating well and exercising.  It’s that simple.

So here’s the thing.  You can lose weight or get stronger or whatever your goal may be.  It is possible.  It is going to take some time and effort, but nothing you can’t handle.  Just a few days a week, shoot to invest 30 minutes into exercising instead of watching TV or searching Pinterest for DIY craft projects you know that you are never going to do.  Try new foods, you might be surprised how tasty eating well can be.  And if you do? Your body and metabolism will change.
1So stop saying what you want or can’t or wish… and start doing.  Be honest with yourself.  If you really want to to change, then do it.  Take small steps and just start doing something to become who you want to be.  There is always going to be a reason not to, but it will never be as good as the reasons why you should.

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About the Author:
Mandy Skinner is the author of the Soccer Mom with Muscles blog as well as the Fitness editor for Healthy Moms Magazine.  She is the proud mom of two, Sean and Sarah, as well as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach devoted to living healthy and happy.  In addition to her athletic endeavors, Mandy is a constant advocate of healthy and active living.  
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