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I have spent the past two weeks highlighting women who are bold, steadfast, and resolute; women who have moxie.  (You can read more about them here, here, and here.)  This week I am seriously excited to introduce you to Amanda.  I began working with Amanda during the 83 in 83 Challenge.  It was a 12 Week Challenge to honor the 83 fallen police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty throughout 2015.


Totes adorbs, right????

Amanda had only just begun working out at the start of the challenge and joined to gain some motivation and support.  She started her weight loss journey because she was frustrated that her pants were getting too snug and she was finding it harder to keep up with her adorable four-year-old son.  You see, Amanda is a single mom who works full time so this was no small feat to begin with, but her little guy’s energy level only seemed to keep climbing!  Initially Amanda struggled with finding the time and energy to get her workouts in, but she says, “Once I realized that waking up just an hour earlier was the magic answer, it was smooth sailing.”  In fact, once she established her own routine, she began doing workouts with her son, who now has his own set of cute, 5 pound weights and loves to join in on exercise time. (For ideas on how to outfit your home gym for cheap, go here.)

Through the 12 Week Challenge, Amanda lost 10 and a half inches and 7.3 pounds.  She established a running schedule and even competed in the Inflatable 5k!   Amanda says, “The other bigger and better benefit has been fitting into my skinny jeans… And, today my skinny jeans actually were my comfy jeans!“

12343250_694359871669_337166298_oI asked Amanda what she took away from the challenge and this is what she said. “Now, I know what to look for when I’m shopping, what proper serving sizes are, and even what the heck macros are! I even enjoy going out for a run, sweating, and feeling energized! “

If you are a single mom or someone who is struggling with scheduling time to workout, Amanda says,  “Don’t let any excuses stop you. I was the queen of excuses for years. But once I was confronted with how bogus they all were, got off my butt, and just started moving, I saw the results almost immediately. Not the weight or body changes, but my patience, my energy, and my own happiness. I could see that reflected on my son as well. That was the game changer for me.”

If you learn nothing else from Amanda, remember this: Get off your butt, start moving (with this quick home workout), and you will feel healthier and happier.  If you need help, ask for it!  And those skinny jeans?  You will be rocking them soon enough!


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About the Author: Mandy Skinner is the author of the Soccer Mom with Muscles blog as well as the book PB&J and Push-Ups: The Busy Mom’s Guide to Diet and Exercise.  She is also the Fitness Editor for Healthy Moms Magazine, as well as a contributor to Big City Moms.  Mandy is the proud mom of two, Sean and Sarah, as well as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach devoted to living healthy and happy.  In addition to her athletic endeavors, Mandy is a constant advocate of healthy and active living.  

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