83 in 83 Challenge

The next fitness and nutrition challenge will honor the 83 police officers who were killed in the line of duty in 2015.  We will work for 83 days to honor all 83 of them and their families, as well as give back to the COPS organization.

COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors) helps families of fallen police officers with things like burial expenses, health care, and educational costs for their children.  They also provide mentoring programs and grief counseling for survivors.

12006558_10100934357257645_7656172410952788463_oThis challenge will run for 12 weeks (83 days), during which time each participant will get a customized nutrition plan, training plans or suggestions, and a “Police Family” t-shirt.  The goal is to improve our health and happiness over 83 days of living actively and eating healthy.  Prizes will be awarded to the top participants who have shown the greatest changes in body composition and/or lifestyle.

Local participants are also encouraged to attend the Returning Warrior 5 & 10 Miler Run to take a stand together against violence towards police officers.

There is a great deal of flexibility with this competition. images-3
Participants may use the provided Home Program (no equipment) or Gym Program (free weights), or any other program that they enjoy including but not limited to:
Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strong Man, Running, Cycling, BeachBody, Zumba, Couch to 5k (or 10K), Jillian Michaels, CrossFit, or any combination thereof.
*Nutrition protocols will reflect the caloric demands of whichever program each individual chooses.*

The challenge runs from Sunday 9/20 to Saturday 12/12.  The cost is $59 with proceeds going to support the families of fallen officers through COPS. Payment should be sent via PayPal to mandyjskinner@yahoo.com.

If you do not wish to participate but would like to purchase a “Police Family” T-shirt or Hoodie to support the cause, please email me.

To participate submit the registration form below:


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