7 Ways To Get Your Butt Moving


So today I was a little, let’s say reluctant, to workout. Truth be told, I was deep into a New Girl marathon on Netflix and even deeper into the crevices of my couch.

As much as it pained me, I needed to get moving. I always feel good after a workout and needed to get myself in that space. So I employed one of my favorite tactics to get motivated when I’m lacking it, which made me think of a few others that I sometimes resort to as well. Here they are:

1. Put on your workout clothes. Wear them around until you have no choice but to either workout or go to work in your leggings and tank top. But, some of my workout clothes make me feel so good that they make me want to get to it!

2. Play music. Start pumping your favorite workout jams and you might just start moving on your own. I have some favorite Pandora stations and Rock My Run mixes that make me want to get to it. Whatever yours is, turn it on and up!

3. Reward yourself. For me, it’s a chocolate protein shake (which also helps with recovery!) Sometimes it the promise of the day to come that is on the other side of that workout. Sometimes it’s a glass of wine (or 2!) with the girls. Whatever your reward, find a carrot and dangle it!

4. Try something new. Do a new yoga routine, running route, lift, or video. Mixing it up is fun and refreshing when you’re stuck in a rut.

5. Set a big, huge, scary monster goal. One that you have to train for, and if you don’t then you will regret it. For some this is a race or competition, but it can be anything that scares you.

6. Find a tribe. Connect with people that will hold you accountable and support you. I have a FB group filled with other chics who workout at home too, that I check in with. I know that if they are doing it, I can too. Find a group or accoutability partner to keep you focused.

7. Start. I tell myself that I will do 5 minutes of the workout. Then if I’m not up for it after that I can pull the plug. I have never done that. Once you start, it’s easy to keep going. Just start with the promise that you can quit anytime you want (but you won’t!)

Those are my favorite ways to get my butt moving. What are yours???

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