Let’s be clear: Life does not get in the way. Life is all we have.

Let’s talk about what happened this weekend.  Pat hadCollageImagegren
to work,  so I was on my own with the kids.  I decided to take them up to my parents’ campground where they were having a carnivl. It was awesome.  They had bounce houses, laser tag, and games, in addition to the pool, playground, and beach that are part of the grounds.  The kids had a blast, and I did too.  In the words of my nephew, Max, “This is the Best. Day. Ever!”

DSCF7347Days like this are wonderful, but they can be hard on your diet, exercise plan, and energy levels.  I did not hit my macros, in fact, I did not even keep track.  I ate way outside of my usual clean eating diet, with hot dogs, burgers, chips, sweets.  It was delicious, but definitely not in line with my goals.  In my training, I was scheduled for 40 minutes of cardio and 150 push-ups.  I squeezed in a 25 minute run and 50 push-ups.  Weak, but it was the best I could do.  Days like this happen and it was no big deal, however this trend continued onto the next day.  I woke up feeling exhausted, after another night awake with Sarah, so my nutrition and training had to wait.  At this point, I had to prioritize to survive.

So now it is day 2 of poor eating and exercise.  What can I do?  The answer was to rest and drink water, in fact, lots of both.  It is hard to not get wrapped up in the idea of trying to overcome a crappy diet with more exercise, “No worries, I will squat it out tomorrow!”  The problem is that this cycle is hard on both the body and mind.  Pushing yourself as punishment for eating too much is not the answer.  It creates an environment of overtraining as well as guilt.  Two things that have no place in my life.  So, after a day of resting and hydrating, I woke this morning fresh and ready to leave it behind and move forward.  I did not punish myself in the gym for my dietary sins of the weekend, instead I reveled in what my body can do and pushed it in a way that is healthy.  I do not feel guilt or regret for overindulging, instead I feel optimistic and energized.

The point is, life happens.  And what kind of life would we lead if we planned everything around diet and exercise.  And how healthy would we be if we punish ourselves physically and emotionally when it happens?  One day off your plan won’t kill or even derail you.  So enjoy the day and get back to work.  Why?  Because life is the reason we do this, right?  Life is worth being healthy and happy.


How can you have an outdoor movie theater without popcorn???

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